Important Committees in India- முக்கிய கமிட்டிகள்

முக்கிய கமிட்டிகள்

Important Committees in India

Committee  Year Details
S.K.Dhar 1948 Linguistic Provinces Commission
JVP Committee (Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallahbhai Patel, Pattabhi Sitaramayya) 1948 To consider the recommendations of Dhar Commission. This committee also rejected the linguistic factor of reorganization of the states.
Fazl Ali Commission 1953 December To visit the whole question of whether the linguistic basis of separation of states can be considered or not.
Swaran Singh Committee 1976 Fundamental Duties
L.M Singhvi Committee 1986 To study the problems faced by panchayat raj institutions (1/3rd of SC/ST Reservation) (Collector will be the head of zilla parishid)
Ajay Chhibber 2015 Niti Aayog Commission
Kaka Kalelkar Commission 1953 January 29 First Backward Classes Commission
P.V. Rajamanar Committee 1969 September 2 Centre-State Relations Inquiry Committee
Sarkaria Commission 1983 To examine the central-state relationship
M.M.Punchhi Committee 2007 Centre-State Relationship
Srikrishna Committee 2010 February 3 Demand for separate statehood for Telangana or keep the State united in the present form, Andhra Pradesh
K. Santhanam Committee 1962 Anti-corruption
B.G.Kher 1955 First official language commission
Kapur Committee 1966 Inquiry into the conspiracy to murder Gandhiji
Nanavati-Mehta Commission 2002 March 6 To probe the Godhra train burning incident of 27 February 2002. Its mandate was later enlarged to include the investigation of the 2002 Gujarat riots.
Balwant Rai Mehta Committee 1957 January To examine the working of the Community Development Programme(1952) and the National Extension Service(1953)
Ashok Mehta Committee 1977 December Panchayat Raj Institutions (Recommends 3-tier system of Panchayati Raj should be replaced by the 2-tier system)
B.P Mandal Commission 1979 January 1 Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Commission  (27% Reservation for OBC)Second Backward Classes Commission
Muddiman Committee 1920 To enquire about diarchy, instituted by the Montague-Chelmsford Reforms.
B.N.Kirpal Commission 2003 First National Forest Commission (NFC)
L.C Gupta Committee 1996 November 18 Development and Regulation of Derivative Markets in India
Bhanu Pratap Singh Committee 1964 Agriculture
soli sorabjee 2005 October Police Act Drafting Committee” (PADC)
M.N Vohra 1977 Criminalisation of politics
S Padmanabhan Committee 1995 to take a fresh look at the banking Supervision
Dinesh Goswami Committee 1990 Electoral Reforms
Malhotra Committee 1993 Insurance Sector Reforms
Lakdawala Committee 1989 To consider methodological and computational aspects of estimation of proportion and number of poor in India.
Dantwala Committee 1978 It identified the remoteness of planning agencies, at the District Level from the grassroots as the major weakness of local area planning Recommends  Block level planning
Bhagwati Committee 1973 Unemployment
Ram Nandan Committee 1993 To identify the creamy layer among the OBC
Raja Chelliah committee 1991-93 Tax Reforms
Raghuram Rajan Committee 2007 Financial Sector Reforms
Abid Hussain Committee Trade Policy Reform, Small Scale Industries
Kothari Commission 1964-1966 National Education Commission
Lyngdoh Committee 2006 To examine student election in universites
First Narasimham Committee 1991 Financial system
Second  Narasimham Committee 1992 Progress review of the implementation of the banking reforms
Gadgil Commission 2011 Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP)
Kasturirangan committee 2013 Western Ghats
Moraji Desai then Hanumanthaiah 1966 January 5 First Administrative Reforms Commission
Veerappa Moily & V.Ramachandran 2004 Second Administrative Reforms Commission
Important Committes

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