RRB Group D 2018 Questions Asked in 17 Sep 2018- Shift 2

RRB Group D 2018 Questions Asked in 17 Sep 2018- Shift 2

Here is  the Railways Group D Questions asked in shift 2 on Sep 17

Numericals on mirror.

Which virus effect bacteria?

What is the pH value of blood?

How many elements are present in 18th group?

What is the formula of Hard Water?

What is the chemical formula of Carbon Monoxide?

One question from ohm’s law.

Which of the element is the last in the list of Newland Octaves.

What is the critical angle of Diamond?

Which gas is used in electric bulb?

One question from flemings left hand rule.

In which year BSE was established? 1875

What is the term of office of members of Rajyasabha? 6 Years

if Teacher is related to class in the same way driver is related to? Vehicle

One question related to Plant tissue for support.

Best CM Award of 2017? Vashundra Raje

Who won the Oscar Film of the year 2018 – Shape of water

One question related regarding Heart chamber in fish.

One question on the refractive index

The lens cannot be made by which of the following: Water soil glass fibre?

Who were the winners of Banga Bhushan award? Asha Bhosle

Who is the author of the book A book of light? Peter Levitt

If the length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:1 & the perimeter is 96, find the length? 36 cm

The rise in sugar level is detected by ___cells?

Who is Women and child development minister? Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

A shopkeeper gets a profit of 19% after selling an article for Rs 595. What will be the profit % if the same article is sold at RS 475? 5%
Who won Polly Umrigar Award 2018? Virat Kohli

Which country will host the ISSF World Shooting Championship 2019? India

330×11 = 55 x ? Find “?” 66

What is the capital of Norway? Oslo

President of Hockey India – Rajinder Singh

One question regarding 20 lakhs house sanction for pm Awas Yojana.

The government of India had taken a loan from which bank?

One question related to 64th Filmfare award in 2017


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