RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 24 May Shift 2

RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 24May19 – Shift 2

RRB JE Exam analysis in Tamil

In this page, We will update RRB JE Exam Analysis, Memory Based Paper and the questions asked in the exam.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis in Tamil

There was 1/3rd negative marking for wrong answers. So, let’s look at the type of questions asked in this exam.

Find the missing number- 4, 196, 36, 144, 64, ?? 100

Find the missing number- 2, 4, 11, 37, 153, ?? 771

Find the next in the series HZ, AA, NF, DK, HZ..?

Which medal did Russia give to PM Modi? Order of St Andrew the Apostle’

Virat Kohli and Chanu won which award? Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

When was NDC established on? 6th August 1952

1st woman chief minister in India? Sucheta Kriplani

Which metal is present in Amalgam? Mercury

Chemical Name of Ca(OH)2 is? Calcium Hydroxide

Alexander Fleming discovered? Penicillin

Due to which deficiency is Scurvy caused? Vitamin C

In a concave lens with f = 15cm, u = 13cm, then v=? –

In a home, the wire connection is? Parallel

What is the use of ultrasonic waves in the medical field?

Which instrument is used to diagnose the internal organs in a human body? CT Scan

What was the shape of the orbit in the Rutherford model? –

What is Article 324 of the Indian Constitution related to? Election Commission of India

What is the full form of PETA? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Who is the chief minister of West Bengal? Mamata Bannerjee

Who is the Governor of Himachal Pradesh? Acharya Dev Vrat

What is the capital of Peru? Lima

Where is the Sabrimala Temple located? Pathanamthitta, Kerela

Who is the Chief Election Commissioner in India? Sunil Arora

What is Article 32 related to? The Supreme Court shall have power to issue directions or orders or writs

Who is the Chief Minister of Kerela? Pinarayi Vijayanan

What is the capital of Norway? Oslo

Where is the Dal Lake located? Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Who is the Education Minister of Delhi? Manish Sisodiya

Where is the Khardung La Pass located? Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir

Who is the chairman of ISRO? K Sivan

What is the name of the award conferred on PM Narendra Modi by the Russian Government? Order of St Andrew the Apostle

Who is P. C. Ghosh? Current Lokpal of India

Who is the Governor of Uttarakhand? Baby Rani Maurya

What is the name of the satellite used for mission Shakti? ASAT

Who is the current Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Navy? Karambir Singh

The idea of Lokpal is adopted from which country? Sweden

Highest Mountain peak in India? Kanchenjunga

With which country are pyramids related to? Egypt

Who is the author/editor of the Young India Book? M.K. Gandhi

In how phases was the Lok Sabha elections conducted? 7 Phases

Lok Sabha Constituencies/Seats in Arunachal Pradesh? 2

First woman CM of India

The chemical name of Cao

Morning and Evening Star

Antibiotic discovered by Alexander Fleming

The square root of x2/y2 + y2/x2 – 2

Value of Sin 30

Highest ionization energy

In which part Cornea & retina is present in the eye

ECG is related to

Odd among LM, NK, X, Y

Which one is polyatomic among Nitrogen, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Sulphur

Which of the following is acidic in nature

Lemon Jiuce
All of these


RB JE 2019 Exam Memory Based Question in Tamil -May 22

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RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis

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