RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22 May-Shift 1

RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22May19 -Shift 1

RRB JE Exam analysis inTamil

In this page, We will update RRB JE Exam Analysis, Memory Based Paper and the questions asked in the exam.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis in Tamil

There was 1/3rd negative marking for wrong answers. So, let’s look at the type of questions asked in this exam.

We will update the RRB JE Exam Analysis and Question Soon – Stay with us

Questions were asked 

Securities Exchange board of India – Ajay Tyagi
china currency renminbi

Board of Control for Cricket in India ~1928~mumbai

south africa capital

World Economic Forum -January 1971 -HQ–Switzerland

Nepal  official currency Rupee -Nepalese Rupee

japan currency -Japanese yen

Google CEO -Sundar Pichai

Nokia CEO – Rajeev Suri

The capital of Norway – Oslo

Acid used in digestion -HCL

Which is called tatanagar?

No of players in football

Dam built on Krishna river

Which ruler first shifted his capital to fatehpur sikri

Asian Games 2018 was held in?
Who is the Chairman of ICC? Shansank manohar
Davis Cup Winner?
CM of Odisha – Naveen Patnaik
First World Cup was held in ? England 1975
CM of Karnataka – Kumaraswami
Which is the cleanest Railway Station in India? – South Central Railway
Oscar Award 2019 for Best actor – Rami Malek
Formula of Washig Soda – Na2CO3
CEO of ICICI Bank- Sandeep Bakshi
Latititude of Eqater – 0 degree
Ease of doing business – Andhra Pradesh
How many Lok Sabha seats in Punjab?
Year of Runway Book was written about?
Capital of Sweden – Stockholm
Longest serving Indian President – Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Floating National Park is in? Kambi nanjo
Currency of Bangladesh – Taka
IPL 2019 was won by – Mumbai Indians
CIC Chairman- Sudheer Bhargawa
Odissi dance belongs to which State? – Odisha
PM of Iran – Hasan Rouhani
Wuler Lake is in? J&K
Lok Sabha seat of MP
Jay Lalita’s Party Name – AIDMK
ICC world Cup venue- England and Wales
AICTE Head- Anil Shastrbudhe
First women to receive Nobel Prize – Mother Teresa
DRDO Chairman – Satish Reddy
Capital of Kazakhstan? Nur-Sultan
BCCI Chairman
which Railway Station got Green ISO certification -Guwahati
Economic Advisor of India- Kalyan
Cyclone Fani – came when n where?
China Currency – Chinese yuan (CNY)/ Renminbi (RMB)
SEBI Chairman- Ajay Tyagi
Battle of Swally – took place on 29–30 November 1612; Fought between English East India Company and the Portuguese Navy
Capital of Australia – Canberra
Governor of Nagaland – Padnam Acharya
Bibi ka Maqbara – tomb located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India; commissioned in 1660 by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb
Currency of Japan – Yen
CEO of Google – Sundar Pichain
Full Form of GST – Goods and Services Tax
CEO of Nokia- Rajeev Suri
Full Form of ECG – Electrocardiogram

Formula of Washing Soda – Na2CO3
Full Form of ECG – Electrocardiogram
Malaria was discovered by ____.

SI/ CI 4
Mensuration 3
Ratio & Proportion 2
Trigonometry 3
Profit/Loss 3
Geometry 1
Number System (HCF/LCM) 2
Simplification 1
Time and Work 2
Statistics (Mean) 1
Time, Speed and Distance 2
Misc. 5 to 6

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Syllogisms 4 – 5 Qs

Coding – Decoding 2 – 3 Qs
Analogy 2 – 3 Qs
Venn Diagram 2 – 3 Qs
Odd One Out 1 – 2 Q
Series 2 Qs
Direction Based Questions 2 Qs
Statement & Conclusion 2 Qs
Calendar Based Questions 2 Qs
Mathematical Calculation 1 – 2 Qs
Figure Counting 1 Q
Mirror Image 1 Q

Physics 8 – 10 Qs
Chemistry 12 – 14 Qs
Biology (Life Science) 10 – 12 Qs
Total 30 Qs


RRB JE 2019 Exam Memory Based Question in Tamil -May 22

RRRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22 May-Shift 1

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