RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 26 May Shift 1

RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 26 May19 – Shift 1

RRB JE Exam analysis in Tamil

In this page, We will update RRB JE Exam Analysis, Memory Based Paper and the questions asked in the exam.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis in Tamil

There was 1/3rd negative marking for wrong answers. So, let’s look at the type of questions asked in this exam.

Chanakya was associated with which king?

Which State has the largest coastal area?

Who inaugurated Bridge Over Diphu (Chipu) River?

Thomas Cup is related to which sport?

Sabarmati river originates from which state?

Half moon occurs how many times in a month?

The President of the United Nations General Assembly?

Onam festival is celebrated in which state

Full form of NASA?

Longest Bone in the body?

Neutron is Discovered by?

Insulin Maintains Levels of?

Joule/coulomb is the unit of?

Cataract affects which part of the eye?

First element Of the Alkali group?

Work per unit charge is a unit of?

Electricians where gloves why?

Vitamins used to cure a common cold?

Source of solar energy?

Ammeter measures which type of current?

The pupil is part of?

Which lens is present in the human eye?

Strongest Bone?

Distance between pole and focus is called?

Which animal Breathes from skin?

LPG has which gas?

Symbol Of wavelength?

T=0.2s, Find Frequency?

Perfume’s smell travels to human nose through which process?

Mass of Body on earth is 60 kg then mass on the moon is?

Highest Ionization energy?

SI unit of Power?


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RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis and Questions Asked 
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