RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22 May-Shift 2

RRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22May19 -Shift 2

RRB JE Exam analysis inTamil

In this page, We will update RRB JE Exam Analysis, Memory Based Paper and the questions asked in the exam.

RRB JE 2019 Exam Analysis in Tamil

There was 1/3rd negative marking for wrong answers. So, let’s look at the type of questions asked in this exam.

Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude

Interest (SI, CI) 2 – 3 Qs
Profit & Loss & Discount 3 Qs
Time & Work 1- 2 Qs
Geometry (Circle/Cone) 2 Qs
Time, Speed & Distance 3 Qs
Average –
Trigonometry 3 Qs
Percentage 1 Q
Data Interpretation (Pie Chart) –
Age-Based Question 1 Q
Pipe & Cistern –
Simplification 2 – 3 Qs
Ratio & Proportion 2 – 3 Qs
HCF & LCM 2 – 3 Qs
Miscellaneous 6 – 8 Qs

General Intelligence & Reasoning

Syllogisms 3 – 4 Qs
Coding – Decoding 3 Qs
Analogy 1 Q
Venn Diagram –
Odd One Out 2 – 3 Qs
Series 3 – 4 Qs
Direction Based Questions 2 – 3 Qs
Statement & Conclusion 1 – 2 Qs
Calendar Based Questions –
Mathematical Calculation 1 – 2Qs
Arrangement 2 Qs
Figure Counting 1 Q
Mirror Image –

RRB JE Shift 2 – Questions Asked in the Exam:

Question 1: What is the Formula of Ethanol?
Answer 1: C2H5OH
Question 2: Which is the lightest metal?
Answer 2: Lithium
Question 3: Black layer on silver is due to which chemical?
Answer 3: Sulphide
Question 4: What is the formula of sindoor?
Answer 4: Pb304
Question 5: What is the atomic no. of gold?
Answer 5: 79
Question 6: Smallest gland in the human body is?
Answer 6: Pituitary Gland
Question 7: Who gave the theory of survival of fittest?
Answer 7: Herbert’s Spenser
Question 8: What is the total no. of metalloids?
Answer 8: 7
Question 9: Who is the Chairman of ISRO?
Answer 9: Dr. K.Sivan
Question 10: Dal lake is situated in which state?
Answer 10: Srinagar
Question 11: What is the work of hydrometer?
Answer 11: To measure Specific Gravity
Question 12: What is the unit of Sound?
Answer 12: Decibel
Question 13: What is the range of platinum thermometer?
Answer 13: From — 200° to 1000°C
Question 14: Which is the Longest river in Asia
Answer 14: Yangtze
Question 15: Full form of PETA
Answer 15: People of Ethical Treatment for Animals
Question 16: Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal
Answer 16: Mamata Banerjee
Question 17: Who is Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer 17: Jai Ram Thakur
Question 18: Capital of Peru?
Answer 18: Lima
Question 19: Sabarimala Temple is located in which state?
Answer 19: Kerela
Question 20: What is the Capital of Norway?
Answer 20: Oslo
Question 21: Who is the education minister of Delhi?
Answer 21: Manish Sisodiya
Question 22: Who is the Chairman of ISRO?
Answer 22: Kailasavadivoo Sivan
Question 23: Who is PC Ghosh?
Answer 23: First Lokpal
Question 24: Mission Shakti is about?
Answer 24: Nuclear Testing
Question 25: Who is the Governor of Uttarakhand?
Answer 25: Baby Rani Maurya
Question 26: Which law of Newton is called also called Galileo Law?
Answer 26: Law of Inertia
Question 27: Young India Book is based on?
Answer 27: Gandhiji
Question 28: Loksabha Election is held in how many phases
Answer 28: 7 phase
Question 29: Mass is a vector quantity or scalar?
Answer 29: Scalar
Question 30: 1st test cricket in India was held in which stadium?
Answer 30: Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium


RRB JE 2019 Exam Memory Based Question in Tamil -May 22

RRRB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22 May-Shift 1

RB JE Exam Analysis Questions asked 22 May-Shift 2

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